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In Illinois, children are entitled to support from both of their parents. In divorce and paternity cases, generally the non-custodial parent is obligated to provide monthly child support payments to the custodial parent for expenses related to the support, education, child care and health care of minor children.

At Reilly Law P.C., we provide skilled representation to parents on either side of a child support matter. Whether you anticipate paying or receiving support, we will work with you to pursue a child support determination that is fair for you and your children. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our attorneys understand the nuances and complexities of the child support laws. We will use our insight and experience to your advantage.

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Understanding The Illinois Child Support Guidelines

The child support obligation of a non-custodial parent is based upon his or her net income and the number of children he or she is supporting. The Illinois Child Support Guidelines are as follows:  Number of Children Percentage of Non-Custodial Parent’s Net Income

  • 1st Child = 20%

  • 2 Children = 28%

  • 3 Children = 32%

  • 4 Children = 40%

  • 5 Children = 45%

  • 6 Children = 50%


Normally, child support obligations end when a child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school, which ever occurs later. Additional payments may be ordered if a child pursues post-secondary education. Long-term or permanent support payments may be ordered in cases where a child remains dependent due to illness, disability or other special needs.

Modifications · Enforcement · Deviations From The Child Support Guidelines

At Reilly Law P.C., we regularly assist clients with calculating support payments in situations where parents are self-employed, hiding income, or where a deviation from the guidelines is appropriate. We also represent clients who need assistance with modifications and enforcement of existing child support orders.

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